Dolls are Good for Boys, Too

Isaiah met his first baby a couple weeks ago. He was instantly in love! He gave her gentle hugs and kisses. He was pretty sad to have to leave her and go home. The baby’s grandma gave him a little doll to play with and he loved it, but it started to fall apart pretty quickly.


Taking the doll with him to check up on the dogs

I took Isaiah shopping and let him pick a doll to buy with money he’d been given for his birthday. He wanted a life-size doll, but it was really expensive, so I showed him some options that were more in his price range. He immediately latched onto a small, realistic looking doll that was wrapped in a blanket.


Keeping a close eye on everything while clutching his baby

Since he brought his doll home, Isaiah has been carrying it around constantly. He gives it hugs and kisses, shows it to everyone, tries to get the animals to play with it and lets it participate in just about everything he does. I have some leftover yarn from his baby blanket and have been working on a blanket for his baby because the one it came with isn’t big enough and falls off when he tries to use it.

Doll hugs

I asked him to give Baby a hug and he squeezed it saying ''HUUUG''

It’s so cute to watch Isaiah caring for his baby! I showed him how to put it on his shoulder to “burp” it, so now he holds it and pats its back gently. He likes to touch its face and carefully examine its features. His favorite part is the eyes. The doll even has brown eyes like him!


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