Fun with Rice

Yesterday, Isaiah was getting into all kinds of trouble, so I decided we needed a somewhat organized activity to occupy him for a while. I poured some uncooked rice into a cake pan and set it on the floor with his stacking cups and a couple smaller toys that he could bury. First, he looked at me like I’d lost my mind, then, he proceeded to try to dump the entire pan out on the floor. It didn’t take long to convince him that he was supposed to put his hands in the rice and play with it, though. I buried one of his connecting rings and he quickly “rescued” it from the rice.


Playing with the stacking cups

Isaiah much preferred playing with his cups in it over burying toys. He pushed the biggest one around the rice and I helped him fill it. He carefully picked up rice in his hand and dropped it into the cups. I filled two of the cups and set all four inside the pan for him. He started reaching into the full cups and moving the rice to the empty ones. He tried to pour the rice a couple times, but needs to work on his technique more before that will work very well.


''Oh, wait! I can put rice inside the cups!!''


Getting ready to dump the rice

While we were playing with the rice, my dad called on Skype from Washington D.C.. Isaiah was so excited because he could play “with” his Grandfather! He kept right on playing with the rice, checking every couple seconds to make sure my dad was still watching. He even tried to share the rice through the computer… This resulted in lots of rice in my keyboard–oops! The way my keyboard is, the rice couldn’t get under keys, so it was pretty easy to clean up once they ended the call.


''Look, Grandfather, the rice starts here...''


''...and ends here!''


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