Eagle Watch!

I friend called last night to tell us to check out an eagle webcam. There are two babies and one in the process of hatching. I put it on the computer and we went about our day, stopping to check in on them from time to time. Isaiah thought it was incredible! He kept racing over to the computer to look at the birds and talk to them.

Eagle Watching

Watching the eagles very enthusiastically

I really enjoyed watching the eagles taking care of the babies. I’ve read about bald eagles and how they function within their families, but I’d never had the chance to really see it. It was fascinating to watch one of the adults feeding the babies. She would feed one baby until it was finished before feeding the second, rather than giving each one bite. While she was feeding one, the other would bite the one being fed and try to get the attention from mom. It was kind of funny! A couple times, the eagle sitting on the nest would call the other back.

The first egg hatching

The second baby... (You can't actually see it until about 8 minutes)

Other raptor cams can be found here!

2 responses to “Eagle Watch!

  1. So cool! There’s an eagle nest right by our house and we love watching the pair circling over head (plus I think they are taking care of our mice problem!).

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