Isaiah thinks bubbles are great fun. At some point, he managed to find the bubble solution and carry it out to DJ. He was so excited about it that DJ couldn’t bear to tell him “no” and sat down to blow bubbles for him. As soon as Isaiah saw the bubbles, he started shrieking and dancing.




Dancing for the bubbles

At first he just stood under them and watched them fall. Then he started chasing after them, trying to catch them. Every time he touched one, it made him laugh out loud. He even tried to catch them in his mouth. He thought that was the most fun and kept doing it over and over!


Catching the bubbles between his hands


''This is so much fun!!!''

Shrieking at the bubbles while he chased them


3 responses to “Bubbles!

  1. OH!!!! That just made my heart melt and my eyes tear up! Seems like yesterday my kids were that age, but obviously it wasn’t. Loved this!

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