Katie’s Baby Shower

My friend, Katie, had her baby on March 11. Her family threw a shower for her at her mom’s house yesterday. All the ladies in Katie’s family were there, including several little girls. Baby Penny, of course, was adorable and totally stole the show!

Baby Shower

Beautiful little Penny

Isaiah wasn’t quite sure what to think of Penny at first, but since I liked her, he decided that she must be a good thing. I drafted someone to take a couple of pictures of me and Isaiah with her. While I was helping him hold Penny on my lap, Isaiah leaned over and gave her hugs and kisses! It was so sweet! I didn’t even tell him to do it, he just did it on his own. He seemed to think she was pretty cool to watch, but really wished she could play more!

Baby Shower

Me and Isaiah with Penny

Baby Shower

Hugs for Baby Penny

Baby Shower

Sweet kisses

After Isaiah had played with Penny for a while, Connie announced we were going to play a game–Pass the Baby! Penny made her way to everyone’s laps by the time the shower was over. She didn’t seem to mind at all. She liked being spoiled by all the ladies!

Baby Shower

Watching her aunt

Baby Shower

She even made her way back to me for a while!

Isaiah loved all the little girls at the shower. He’s usually really shy, but with all the cute girls running around, he just couldn’t stand staying right with me. He was afraid he’d miss out on all the fun! The girls thought he was pretty fun, too. They happily entertained each other through the whole afternoon.

Baby Shower

Sitting with Cassie

After Katie opened each of her gifts, she handed any fun stuff from the packages to the kids to play with. Isaiah loved the ribbons and little rattles. He and Cassie had a great time shaking the rattles to make cool sounds. The girls tried to stick a bow to his head, but it just slipped off. It would have made a great picture if it had stayed!

Baby Shower

''I have ribbons!''


Playing with the rattles with Cassie

One of the ladies at the shower made a beautiful cake for Katie and Penny. Katie was thrilled to find that everything on the cake was toys for Penny! When the cake was cut, Katie’s brother, Andy, ventured down from his room to get a piece. Isaiah’s face lit up at the sight of another boy! He thought Andy was wonderful.

Baby Shower

The cake!

Baby Shower

Watching Andy very closely

Once the shower was over, everyone headed outside to see Jackie’s horses. She’d just been given a quality Western horse. Connie wanted to see what he was like and everyone else followed along. Isaiah loves horses, so he was happy to watch the whole herd hanging out in the corral.

Baby Shower

Admiring the horses

We headed back inside to tell little Penny goodbye. Who could resist one more cuddle for such a cute little girl?

Baby Shower

Beautiful Baby Penny


3 responses to “Katie’s Baby Shower

  1. I love how special the interaction of kids is. My DD’s an only so far but when we’re with friends who have kids, I just love the way they interact!

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