Happy Anniversary to My Parents

My parents have been married for twenty three years today. They met at a church youth group. Both their dads were in the Air Force until they were young adults and retired in the same town. My mom’s dad wanted to retire in Colorado Springs, but his last station ended up being at Offut in Bellevue, Nebraska instead. It wasn’t what they’d wanted, but if he’d retired in the Springs, I wouldn’t be typing this now.

My mom was the quiet one at youth group. Well… One of them. It was a pretty big group! My dad, on the other hand, was always in the middle of everything. He did dramas regularly and participated in everything. The first time he invited my mom to his house was for a cat’s birthday party. No joke! His mom always threw big parties for her cats! My mom says it was a bit weird and she didn’t know anybody there except my dad.

They got married on April 2, 1988 at the church that my dad was attending. It was a simple, pretty wedding. One of my dad’s friends took the photos for them. I love to look through them! My mom had a pretty ivory dress because she says she looks awful in white. I think she looked wonderful in her dress.

So, now, here they are, still together twenty three years, two children and one grandchild later. There have been ups and downs. My dad’s been unemployed a few times because getting computer jobs are hard. My dad preached in a jail for the first seven years of my life (I’m not sure about before that), then moved to full time ministry as a pastor at a small town church. When he got the position at the church, my whole family uprooted and moved to a tiny town that we’d never even heard of before that time. He’s been a pastor for thirteen years now. My mom has been a stay at home mom since my brother was born in 1992. Overall, we’ve been pretty blessed.


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