Photography Runs in the Family

I am very much a photographer. I love candids as well as portraits and freelance style photos. I’m happiest if there’s a camera in my hands. My idea of relaxing is driving around, taking pictures of random stuff that I pass or hanging out in a friend’s pasture, taking pictures of the horses and plants. Getting a new lens or filter is like Christmas. I’ll spend hours just playing with it, learning how to use it best.

March 24, 2011

The train tracks a couple blocks from my house. I was trying out my new ''sepia'' filter.


A lion fish at the zoo. He tried to attack me for using my flash!

Both my parents love to take pictures, too. When my dad was a teen, he’d spend hours shooting pictures, then developing them himself. He shot mostly black and white film and color slides. He says he always had at least two cameras with him (one for slides, one for film) when he took pictures.


My mom, DJ and I cuddling on the couch (1998)--by my dad


Isaiah at 4 months old--by my dad

My mom got her first camera as a teen, too. She loves candid shots and took so many pictures throughout my childhood. Her goal in photography is to capture the moment so that we can save them memories for all time. She took some wonderful pictures of my brother and I when we were little. Since she had to shoot film (no digital cameras yet!) she was limited in how many shots she had and sometimes would go months before she could afford to get the pictures she’d taken developed.


Me and Oliver (1990)--by my mom

My grandfathers, uncles and some cousins are also very much into photography. They all take wonderful pictures, each giving their own personal twist. Everyone’s personalities shine through, which is one of my favorite things about photography.

Now, Isaiah is taking after the rest of our family. He’s discovered all the cameras in the house. He’s happy to hijack my phone to use its camera or try to carry off (and sometimes use successfully!) my camera. Not long ago, he took a picture of his feet while carrying my cell phone around. He was pretty pleased with himself!

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="214" caption="Taking pictures"]Little Photographer

Little Photographer

''I have a camera!''


''Feet'' by Isaiah

It’s so fun to be able to look at how some things seem to just be a part of me and Isaiah. We have a family history of loving photography. It’s a part of who I am. It seems to be becoming a part of who Isaiah is, even at a year old. The great thing about photography is that it allows a creative outlet for me as well as providing me with all kinds of wonderfully preserved memories. Looking back at pictures is like going back in time and experiencing these memories all over again. That’s a wonderful feeling!


3 responses to “Photography Runs in the Family

  1. That’s so funny… my mom had a fancy dancy camera when we were growing up and took a lot of pics… which I’m forever grateful for. I love taking pics too, and although I wouldn’t call myself a photographer, it is something I could totally see myself getting into more than I already have. My son has inherited my love of taking pics and some of my favorite pics were taken by him. 🙂

  2. I love the feet pic! I think it is fascinating to see the world from a child’s perspective, and kid pics are a great reminder that their point of view is different. 🙂

  3. My dad worked for awhile as a photographer and definitely passed his gift/interest on to me. It’ll be fun when Tigger’s old enough to join in… right now she couldn’t hold my DSLR without dropping it (we don’t have carpet, so that would involve it breaking, haha).

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