A Train in the House?

Isaiah loves trains. During the winter, when the trees don’t have any leaves, we can see the trains go by a few blocks away. We have several trains go by every day and any time Isaiah hears one, he runs to the couch to climb up and look out the window. He’s always so disappointed if it’s too dark outside to see!

My dad has some model trains that he keeps in his office downstairs. Since Isaiah is so excited about trains right now, he decided to bring one upstairs to show him. Isaiah sat with me, watching as my dad assembled the section of track and put the train on it. Once the train started moving, he raced over to my dad and sat down with him to watch.

March 27, 2011


My dad let it go for a few minutes, then showed Isaiah how to use the controller. It was just a round section of track, so all the controller did was determine speed and whether the train was going forward or back. Isaiah had a blast making it go!

After a while, Isaiah decided that he wanted to sit in the middle of the track. It was so funny to watch him trying to keep track of the train as it raced around him! I’m so glad I had my camera ready and set to video!

This is cool!


4 responses to “A Train in the House?

  1. hehe… brings back memories of my ds when he got his own brio train track and a battery powered train. He just took it out for the first time in a couple years and was having just as much fun as when he first got it. 🙂

  2. We love trains here. My husband and his dad shared this love and now David carries it on. We have two girls, but they still enjoy them. David’s dad has a small garden-sized steam engine and track at their house in North Carolina that the grandkids all get to enjoy in memory of granddad.

    Love to watch Isaiah’s absolute delight as he watches the train.

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