Playing with Gram

My mom’s van needed air put in one of the tires, so my dad went out to do that while my mom and Isaiah watched from the window. Isaiah thought it was fascinating and wanted my dad to stop and look at him. He started knocking on the glass with no response. He decided that he wasn’t knocking loudly enough, so he tried “knocking” with his foot. Still no results… “Hmm… Well, Gram always gets a response when she knocks. Maybe I should use her hand!” He grabbed her hand and started using it to knock on the window! He did it over and over as long as she’d let him. Every few minutes, he’d switch and try one of his other techniques, only to return to using her hand instead.


Hey, Grandfather! Over here!


Not working... Wonder if my foot would be louder...


That's hard to do! And he's still not looking!


Maybe Gram's hand will make a louder noise...


Oh, yeah! This is perfect!


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