New Diapers!

Ok, maybe it doesn’t seem that exciting, but to me, getting new diapers is very exciting! I spent the afternoon prepping Isaiah’s brand-new nighttime diapers: Drybees fleece pockets with hemp inserts. We didn’t have adequate night diapers, so I had to use disposables at night. I really wanted to be full time cloth, so I talked to my friend, Laura, who’s a representative for ElemenoPee. She helped me decide what kind of diapers would be best for Isaiah’s heavy night wetting and I put in an order. Tonight is the first night using them. I’m so excited to see how it works for him!

Isaiah seems to approve of the diapers so far. He was thrilled when we opened the package and it was filled with stuff for him! He was quick to carry off one of the diapers and cuddle it like a new toy.


''I got a new diaper!!!''


Giving his new diaper lots of hugs

The diapers fit him great and have some room for him to grow, too. They’re so soft so Isaiah’s happy to wear them. He loves anything soft!


Sporting a Drybees diaper


Lookin' good in the new diaper!

I ordered a wet bag to line the diaper pail with, too. Isaiah wasn’t sure what to think of that… It made a pretty good toy, though.


Standing in the wet bag (He wouldn't turn to face me)


2 responses to “New Diapers!

  1. Cloth diapers are so fun! I might cry when I stop having an excuse to use them… I’ll definitely miss them! (Good thing I’ve got at least a year left before he potty trains.)

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