Cousins are Such Good Friends!

Isaiah and Azalea have been friends since Isaiah was old enough to notice that he had cousins. Azalea loves to show Isaiah how to do things and share toys with him. They were so happy to see each other the last time our families got together.


So happy to see each other!

We had supper with all my cousins, aunt and uncles at my grandmother’s house. The kids always have a great time together. They can get a bit wild, but it’s certainly fun to watch. The boys like to teach Isaiah to like cars and such. Azalea is the closest in age, though, so she spends the most time with him. This visit, she kept selecting toys, then offering them to Isaiah. Sometimes, she’d show him what he was supposed to do with it before passing it over. Then, Isaiah decided that Azalea needed toys so he brought her a little teddy bear because those are his favorites.


''I have a teddy bear!''

Isaiah is at the age where he likes to play in the same area as another child, but not actually share a toy, so they spent a while just sitting on the floor together, each with their own toy. Every once in a while they’d trade or say something in baby gibberish to each other.


Eating the world...?


I love the sound this toy makes!

My grandmother has an antique heater in her kitchen that’s been there since I was a baby. She never uses it. It’s just there as a decoration, along with several other antiques around her house. All of us grandkids have discovered at some point in our lives that it makes a wonderful noise if you hit it on the right spots. Isaiah noticed it while we were there and Azalea was quick to show him what it’s there for! He thought it was a climbing toy at first, but after watching Azalea hitting different parts to create different sounds, he quickly joined her.


Playing with the heater

When it was time for Azalea to go home, they made sure to stop for hugs. They probably would have played together all night if they’d been allowed! They’re so sweet to each other and love to spend time playing.


''Bye-bye, Azalea''


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