Bringing Back Fond Memories

I was a total Barney fan when I was little. I discovered the show while I was at the babysitter’s, so I was probably about the same age as Isaiah, the first time I saw it. I was always singing one of the many songs. In fact, I can still sing quite a few of them! I had a stuffed Barney that sang “I Love You” that I kept for years and years. My grandparents had a stuffed Barney, too, but it was different.

We went to visit my grandparents a couple days ago. We hadn’t gotten to see them since Christmas, so they had Isaiah’s Christmas and birthday presents for him. (This winter has been pretty chaotic between my uncle being in the hospital and bad weather!) After Isaiah opened his presents, he was off to chase cats. The cats, of course, weren’t too fond of that. They aren’t used to kids at all, much less a hyper baby. Simba disappeared completely and Zoe hid under a chair. The only cat left in sight was T-Bear, who is too old to really care much.

Trying to get to Zoe under the chair

After chasing cats a while, Isaiah noticed the stuffed animals and pillows lining the top of my grandparents’ couch. They’ve been there since I was his age–and hadn’t been touched since the youngest of us grandkids outgrew them. He thought the stuffed Barney was pretty interesting, thanks to its bright color. I pulled it down and got the thick layer of dust off it. He was so excited! It was even more exciting when I squeezed its hand, and to both our amazement, it talked. Who knew it would still work after all these years? Isaiah scooped it up and started dancing with it. He had to show everyone this wonderful toy.


Picking up the amazing new toy


Dancing with Barney

I just love the little things that Isaiah and I are able to share. That Barney was so special to me when I was little and, now, Isaiah gets to enjoy that same toy on visits to his great-grandparents’ house. While we were there, he played with some other toys that are probably antique. I think my dad and uncle played with them as babies. It’s so fun to have things with a story that can be passed down along with them.


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