Is It Really Here??

It’s starting to look like spring has truly sprung. I am one very happy Mama if it has! I don’t like being cooped up all winter and I’m so happy to be able to get out again. My mom and I took Isaiah for a short walk this evening. It was cool, but still warm enough to be out. We brought Max along. He was so excited to be walking that he couldn’t even walk nicely beside us. He pulled ahead and tried to go to everything to sniff it. Such a silly dog!


Happily watching Max trotting ahead of us

Isaiah thought watching Max’s antics was just wonderful. He kept laughing and pointing at him. I’m sure he would have happily chased after him instead of riding in the stroller, but we were walking on a somewhat busy street, so I wanted him contained. As it continues to get warmer, hopefully the last of the snow and the mud it creates will start to go away so Isaiah can play in the park. He’ll be so happy to run freely and climb on stuff. Maybe he’ll get out some of that need to climb everything so he doesn’t climb so much in the house… Yeah, very wishful thinking. He’ll always be a little monkey!


''Max is so funny!''


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