Noah’s Ark

I got a Noah’s ark set for Isaiah a while back, but he was way too little to use it yet. Now that he’s older, when I put away his toys last night, I put the ark out in place of another big toy (his toys get rotated because he has too many to just store in the living room). He had no idea it was there until this morning. He was thrilled to find it!

Trying to look inside the ark

Hey, I think there's something in here!

He dragged it across the room by its handle to show everyone. He thought it was a great toy even before I showed him that it could be opened. He was completely amazed when I opened it and animals started falling out!


I didn't know there were animals inside!

Once he found the animals, Isaiah was happy to play with the ark and animals for a very long time! He thought the animals were the coolest thing ever. I lined them up in pairs so he could see them all. He wasn’t quite sure what to think of that.


Look at all those animals...

After staring at them for a minute, Isaiah decided to scoop a few of them up. He brought them one at a time to my mom to identify them. He thought it was wonderful that she could tell him “giraffe” or “tiger.”


Examining all the different species of animals


Carrying his new toys around the house with him.

It’s so fun to be able to give Isaiah toys that will help him learn Bible stories. For now, it’s just a cool toy, but soon, he’ll be able to connect it to the story of Noah and the ark. He has a nativity, too. I’m hoping that making these things part of every day life will help him to see their importance as he gets older.


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