Furry Friend

Hugs for Dusty

Isaiah and Dusty have been buddies since we adopted Dusty when Isaiah was a few months old. Dusty is pretty patient about having his ears and tail pulled and his eyes poked. He follows Isaiah around the house, offering kisses any chance he gets. They would share toys if I’d let them, but I think if it’s in the baby’s mouth, it doesn’t belong in the dog’s mouth and visa versa.

Puppy kisses!

Dusty got his hair cut today, so he’s extra adorable. When Isaiah was getting ready for bed tonight, he wanted to give Dusty lots of hugs and kisses.

Here, lick my finger

Dusty, of course, wanted to give kisses, too! Isaiah thought that was great–until Dusty kissed him in the mouth. EEW!

On the mouth--YUCK!

It’s so cute to watch them cuddle and give hugs and kisses! I think they’d sleep together if I let them, but I’m most definitely not sharing my bed with a dog! It’s crowded enough as it is.

I want to hug you, but please, please don't lick my mouth!


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