Learning to Communicate

Isaiah has been using a combination of signs and words since he was about ten months old. Lately, he’s using words a lot. He says “Mama” multiple times every day without any prompting at all. The newest word in Isaiah’s vocabulary is “please.” He’s been learning to sign it for a while, but it wasn’t totally clicking. He finally really got it today. He was in the process of whining at me for something and when I said “say please” he got this look on his face like he was concentrating and started signing with both hands. It was so cute!

A while later, Isaiah was playing with the Jesus and the children statue we have and trying to pull it across the room. He couldn’t lift it and was getting frustrated. My mom asked him “do you want me to move it?” and he got all excited, signing “please” as fast as he could and ran over to where he wanted her to put it. The second she put it down, Isaiah raced over and gave Jesus a huge hug!

It’s so exciting to watch Isaiah learn new things. He understands so much more than I would have expected at this age. He can respond to complicated questions and follow two-step directions like “pick up your truck and put it away.” He never ceases to amaze me!


3 responses to “Learning to Communicate

    • He’s almost 14 months. We spent a lot of time working on “mama” and it just started to really click recently. It’s so fun to see words suddenly make sense to him!

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