Why Dogs are Necessary

I think probably the best thing about owning dogs is their love for people food. My dogs will do literally anything for the food we humans are eating. Max will go through all his tricks, then resort to sitting in the begging position as long as he can. Dusty, the puppy, has watched this happen so many times that he actually taught himself to beg! Now if I could only get him to do it on command…

Now, this probably sounds like more of an annoyance than a good thing, but try adding a baby into the picture. Anyone who’s ever watched a baby feed himself knows what a total mess that can be. Food goes everywhere–except, of course, baby’s mouth. Now picture the clean-up required after the meal ends. Who do you think gets to pick up all that mashed, half-chewed food? You guessed it–ME! I figured out pretty quickly that there are two dogs in my house who consider themselves to be perpetually starved. Now, when Isaiah finishes eating, I just call in the dogs and let them enjoy a feast. Sometimes, I even just let them stay in the room while he’s eating. Isaiah prefers this because it affords him the opportunity to give the food directly to the dogs.

After my experiences with teaching a baby to feed himself, I’ve come to the conclusion that having a dog (preferably well behaved and patient) is an absolute must when you have a baby. Theres a reason my dad calls the dogs Hoover and Eureka.


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