New Skill

Well, not quite, but learning new skills with tools! Isaiah has discovered that he can open the cupboards in the kitchen and empty their contents around the house. Oops! He’s definitely a toddler now.

One advantage to being a single mama is that I get to learn to do tasks that I would normally have asked my husband to do for me. Instead of having someone else put on the safety latches, I spent several hours over the last two days putting them on the cupboards myself. I got to try out my mom’s Yankee drill to put holes in the extremely hard wood, then screw the various parts in place. I quickly learned to check and check again after installing the pieces and having them not line up. Installing it twice was enough to teach me my lesson!

Isaiah was very sad when he discovered he couldn’t break into the cupboards like he’s used to. He tried every single door in the kitchen, stuck his fingers through the space and tried to pull stuff out, then finally gave up, crying. I brought him to another room and gave him some toys and his sadness was quickly forgotten.


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