My Day in Videos!

Isaiah has had quite the day. He’s full of energy, smiles and giggles. The only way I really know to really describe the events of this day is to show you, so enjoy the videos!

First, emptying the cupboards. This has pushed putting in the safety latches from “need to do that some time” to “need to do that tonight.” So, the first one is installed. It was a real pain because the wood is so hard and I had to put Isaiah in bed before I could finish doing them all. I guess I can add “safety latch installation” to my list of skills.

Ok, snack time! After finding cheerios in the cupboard, Isaiah was pretty sure he needed to eat some. I gave him the jar of opened ones and sent him to find his Gram to help him get them out. Of course, eating them himself wasn’t nearly enough fun… Isaiah was having way too much fun with the whole process. When my mom told him that he needed to eat them, he took one in his mouth and proceeded to spit it out for the dogs! Eew! (You can’t see it on the video because he had his back to me.

And, a bonus picture! Isaiah raided the fridge while I was working on supper. I’m really curious what he thought he was going to make. Not sure of any recipes that include ketchup, Jolly Ranchers ice cream topping and Mylanta…

Isaiah will all the ingredients of some unknown recipe


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