A Day Out and About

I have a horrible case of cabin fever lately because we’ve gotten yet more snow! DJ had today off, so we all loaded up and went to the mall. Not the most exciting thing on earth, but it certainly beats sitting at home. We started with getting something to eat, then Isaiah, my mom and I headed for the play area while DJ went to the book store.

Pulling his ear and sucking his thumb on the way to the mall

Isaiah spotted the various rides immediately. The best thing about babies is they have no idea that the rides are supposed to actually do something! Isaiah was happy to sit in the cars and turn the steering wheels. One car had a dog peeking over from the back, so he kept reaching back to pet the dog while he was “driving.” That car also had flashing buttons that he loved pushing, even though they didn’t do anything unless you put money in.
After riding in the first car for quite a while, Isaiah decided to check out all the other cars in the area. There were a bunch of different cars, some animals and a boat. He had so much fun! I think the first car was his favorite because it was less closed in, but he seemed to really like some of the others, too.

Driving the car while petting the dog

When we were finally done with the cars, I showed Isaiah where we were actually headed in the first place: a Lewis and Clark themed play area. It has tons of stuff to climb on and it’s all perfect for little kids. Since it’s a school day, there were only kids close to his size playing, making it safer for him to run freely.

"Riding" the fish in the river

Isaiah had so much fun running around and following the other kids. He thought it was the most fun he’d had in his entire life. With some help, he climbed on some of the animals and other stuff in the area. I showed him the slide and helped him go down it. He loved it! Once he’d been down it, that’s all he wanted to do. He kept trying to climb back up by himself. It’s made so he couldn’t quite figure out how to climb it, but that’s ok because he needed me to hold his hand while he went down to avoid falling on his face.

Making a new friend

On top of the slide, waiting to go down

Eventually, Isaiah was too tired to climb or run anymore. He sat down and just watched the other kids. I could tell he was exhausted, so I scooped him up and put him in his wrap. The second he saw me get it out, his whole face lit up. I wore him for a while while DJ finished his shopping in the book store and we headed out of the mall.

Sitting on the buffalo watching kids

We stopped at Target on the way home because DJ wanted to look at something. While we were there, he remembered that he’d promised to get Isaiah a ball for his birthday, but hadn’t been able to follow through yet. Since Isaiah was with us, DJ let him pick which color ball he wanted. Once he had a ball in his hands, he didn’t want to let it go! He carried it through the store and to the check out. He barely let go long enough for the cashier to scan it.

Carrying his ball through the store

The second Isaiah hit his carseat to head for home, he was sound asleep. He was so exhausted after his busy day! He’d missed his nap time, so he was extra tired. I didn’t hear a peep from him the entire ride home. He fell asleep with his kitten in his lap. He was so cute and peaceful!

Sound asleep in his carseat!

Holding his kitten


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