Bath Time Fun!

Isaiah loves to take baths. He has since he was fairly small. As soon as he discovered that he could kick his feet and splash, baths became a game instead of torture. Now, if someone mentions a bath or turns on the water in the tub, Isaiah starts dancing and yelling. He certainly doesn’t want to be left out!

Splashing as hard as he can

Bath time has gotten much more interesting since the days of just kicking his feet. Now Isaiah splashes with his hands and plays with toys in the tub. His duckies are by far his favorite toy. He chews on them, dunks them and watches them float around him in the water. He thinks it’s funny that bubbles come up from the ducks if he keeps them underwater for a few seconds.

"Drowning" his ducky

Know what's even better than a ducky? TWO DUCKIES!

Isaiah also loves to use containers to splash. I originally got them out to aid in washing his hair, but he thought they were for him. I don’t mind him playing with them as long as I get them when I’m ready to wash him. He hasn’t quite mastered pouring yet, but having a small bowl makes his splashes even bigger.

Splashing with his bowl

More splashing

Isaiah’s splashing has a tendency to flood over the sides of the tub. He’s so enthusiastic, that he doesn’t even notice that I’m getting soaked on the other side! Even if he did, he’d just think it was funny. He loves any reactions from me during his baths.

I love my ducky!


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