Special Friends

Isaiah’s Great Gram sent him some money for his birthday. I had no idea what to buy for him, but he had an idea! We were shopping in Hobby Lobby when he found some adorable stuffed kittens. He picked one up, held it close and said “awwww!” Since he had some money to spend, I let him buy them. They’ve been his best friends ever since!

Sleeping soundly with his kitten

Isaiah carries his sweet little kittens around the house all the time. He gives them tons of hugs and kisses. Today, he was hugging one of them, then handing it to me to hug it. Sometimes, he’ll just sit and pet them quietly.

Hugging his kitten as he wanders through the house

The kittens are wonderful when Isaiah isn’t ready to fall asleep, but he needs to sit quietly until he settles in for his nap. He holds them. He shows them to whoever is holding him. It’s so cute to watch!

"Look, Gram! I have a kitten!"

Isaiah is rarely far from his kittens. Even if he’s not actually holding them, you can be sure to find one close by. He checks on them periodically, just to be sure they’re still around. I don’t think there’s any task he does without a kitten nearby!

Waiting for Gram to come home with a kitten at his feet

The thing that makes me laugh the most is having the kittens help with nursing. Isaiah tends to poke and pinch while he’s nursing and that can get painful. I offered to let him keep his kitten with him and our troubles were over. He fiddles with the kitten’s paws and ears instead of pinching me.

Nursing with his kitten

There’s one thing Isaiah absolutely cannot do without a kitten. He must take at least one–preferably both–to bed with him at night. He cuddles them after he nurses and they help him to stay asleep for longer periods.

Sleeping soundly on my bed with his kitten

These cute little kittens seem to have become a permanent fixture in our lives! It’s just so cute to watch Isaiah take them everywhere with him. They make doctor’s appointments easier. They give him something to make him feel secure when he’s in a new place or situation. They are most definitely his best friends.


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