Birthday Party!

Isaiah had his birthday party last night. We did it at the church so I wouldn’t have to try to keep all his stuff semi-organized for it. (He likes to pull everything out as soon as it’s put away.) My mom and I spent several days making decorations for the party, then I spent the afternoon yesterday setting it up and decorating the cake.

Isaiah saw the cake sitting on the counter waiting to go to the party not long after I finished it. It was chocolate with chocolate icing. I put green “grass” on parts with “happy birthday” written on one corner. It had toy horses and a graham cracker stable on it, too. As soon as Isaiah saw it, he started yelling and pointing. He definitely approved! And he wanted it now!

Isaiah's fancy cake

Isaiah was equally excited when he saw the decorations at the church. His face lit up and he ran through the room looking at all the horses. If he’d been slightly taller, I’m sure he would have removed at least a few from the tables. Since there were older kids attending, I’d laid out a table with prizes for some games, as well as a gift table and the table with his cake. Isaiah wanted to get into all of it.

One of the decorated tables

When the guests started to arrive, Isaiah was feeling a bit shy. He grabbed onto me and just wanted to peek at them around my shoulder. After a few minutes, though, he was on the floor, ready to engage. He had four girls from the church and 4-H club come to his party as well as some ladies he knows from going everywhere I go. He was so happy to see them all once he decided it wasn’t scary to be in a group like that. He followed the girls around and tried to play the games with him.

Isaiah feeling shy and cuddling with his Gram

Isaiah loved the “floor game.” The “board” is a bunch of pieces on the floor in a big circle (or oval depending on the shape of the space). The kids take turn rolling a giant die and walk around the circle the number of squares rolled. If they land on a special piece, they get a ticket to trade in for a prize. All the kids loved it and would have played it all night if I’d had enough tickets to pass out! Isaiah followed them around, pretending to play. He had no idea what they were doing, but it was fun for all involved.

Pieces from the floor game

Everybody was happy when it was time for cake. The adults all commented on how good it looked and the kids couldn’t wait to dig in. Isaiah was happy to get his cake and ice cream, along with a sippy cup full of (breast)milk. As usual, he refused to dig in until he got his spoon. After a little while, though, he decided to grab a big handful of cake and shovel it in! He was so thrilled by the contents of his sippy cup, that he held it close and wouldn’t let it go. It was so cute.

A couple of the girls admiring the cake and pictures

Holding his sippy cup close

The girls played a couple more games while Isaiah got cleaned up from dumping cake in his lap. When the girls were playing hot potato with music playing, Isaiah couldn’t stand not being involved. He came racing over to dance to the music. The girls, of course, were perfectly happy to dance right along with him! They danced for quite a while, with my dad taping and the other adults laughing and cheering them on.

Isaiah dancing at his party

After the dancing it was time for presents. I’m not sure who was more excited, Isaiah or the girls giving the gifts. The littlest girls just couldn’t wait for Isaiah to open the gifts from them. Elsie just couldn’t stand the suspense and helped him to open the gift from her. Isaiah was thrilled to find toy dogs, clothes, a phone and a wheelbarrow. As soon as everyone was gone, Isaiah figured out how to push his wheelbarrow and took it all around the church while the rest of us packed up. Nikki was afraid it was “a bit beyond him” when she gave it to him, but he certainly enjoys it! He’s just figuring out today that he can put stuff in it and push it around.

Proudly pushing his wheelbarrow around the room

Overall, Isaiah had a wonderful party! He was thrilled to see all his guests and had tons of fun with the girls. The girls enjoyed playing the games and having cake with him. Everyone got great laughs when he shoved a huge handful of cake into his mouth. It was a great first birthday experience for Isaiah. By the time we got home, he was ready for bed and slept soundly after all his adventures.


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