My Little Computer Genius

Isaiah has been fascinated by computers since the first time he noticed my laptop sitting next to us while I was holding him. As he’s gotten older, he’s tried more and more to participate in various things on the computer. (He loves to “help” me blog!)

Working away on a book?

Today it was time for a new adventure. He got his hands on my mini laptop while I was doing something else and started typing away. Just to give him something to do, I opened a Word document so he could watch his typed letters go across the screen. I’m not sure if he noticed or not, but he sure enjoyed pounding away at the keys. I think he’s writing a book…

Gram, I'm TYPING!

Here’s what he typed tonight:

Jmlokm bbbbbbbbbjj7Yv h hhh vvvvvvvmmmmmm,kx 5?^54an


.L .,.,.,.‘”NOD

Gkigjkmggm.tmn,l,l,l,,,,,,,,l,gfv,lgfvfgv,lb,l,l.b..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, . v.,
B ‘……..;.CV .;;;;;;F97IOOTM5 9O5 9O4R9OR9RI99IT

/ bbg .vvvvvv’

Ω¿Ωcx c,l,cl,l,1

Ok, all done for now!

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