Memories: “Cat”

I have this old stuffed cat. She is made out of dark brown cheap fake fur. Her nose and mouth are sewn with pink embroidery thread that has since turned a brownish-gray. Her eyes are each made from two green sequins. She’s pretty homely, actually. Everybody saw that, but me, I guess. I thought she was beautiful!

This old cat was sitting on a little table at the end of my great grandmother’s hall when my family went to visit her. I was about two at the time. Apparently, I saw that cat and fell in love. My great grandmother had made it, but it wasn’t her best work. It was sitting in her hall because she had nothing better to do with it. When she realized that I’d fallen in love, she told me I could have it. Needless to say, I was thrilled!

That cat became my constant companion, in spite of the fact it was as big as me. i could barely wrap my arms around it to carry it so I didn’t. I’d take it by one of its front legs and drag it through the house. The poor thing can’t sit properly anymore because I squeezed all the stuffing out of the top of the legs! I continued to love that cat with my whole heart throughout my entire childhood. It almost lost its head and tail on more than one occasion and my mother would rush to the rescue with a needle and thread. When I was older, I learned to do the repairs myself.

One time, I wrote a story about my favorite toys: this cat, my Addie doll and a couple other stuffed animals. They played a game of Trouble (my brother and I were playing it endlessly at the time) to see who would get to sleep in my bed that night. My cat, of course, won because she always slept in my bed!

Me with Cat when I was about eight

I haven’t mentioned my cat’s name in this story. That would be because she doesn’t really have one. At two years old, I wasn’t very creative. She was always simply “my cat.” The name stuck. She is now lovingly referred to as “Cat.” Every once in a while, I’ll mention Cat and everyone in my family knows exactly what I’m talking about, even though I’ve own plenty of stuffed cats in my life. This was the only one that was ever so special.

I still have Cat. She’s packed safely in a box right now. I pull her out from time to time, just to hold her close and remember all our special times. She went just about everywhere that I went. She was my best friend! She will always hold a special place in my heart for two reasons: she was a special toy that saw me through thick and thin and she was handmade by my great grandmother.


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