Isaiah is One!!!

It’s Isaiah’s first birthday! I can hardly believe it’s already here. It doesn’t seem like it’s been that long since he was born.

One year ago, I welcomed the most wonderful little boy into the world. Since then, I’ve lived an unending adventure. Every day there’s something new, it seems. There’s always something for him to be learning. He loves to learn to do new things and discover his environment.

Isaiah when he was just a few hours old

I have so many wonderful memories from this year. Holding him, watching him interact with his uncle and grandparents, his first trip to the zoo, his first tooth… The list goes on and on. He’s grown and learned so much! I’ve learned a lot, too; how to dress a newborn who couldn’t support his head, how to breastfeed, that co-sleeping is better for me than a crib, that cloth diapers aren’t just gross…

Since he was born at the end of the month, Isaiah didn’t get much time to do stuff in January. He did, however, have some big milestones. Obviously, he was born! He also learned who his Mama was, met his grandparents, great grandmother, uncle, great aunt and uncle and a bunch of his cousins. (Wow! That’s a lot of people in just two days!) He also started learning to nurse. He’d pretty much mastered it by the time he was a full twenty four hours old.

This month, it was time to work on some more skills. Isaiah was holding his head up for ten or fifteen seconds from birth, but he worked hard to master that skill and was soon holding it up for long periods while being supported in a sitting position. By a week or so old, he was following objects with his eyes. He saw his very first Olympics on tv. He especially liked the ice skating because it had good music. He got his first stuffed animal, a giraffe, for Valentine’s Day.

My birthday was this month. Isaiah gave me a bib that says “I love Mommy” on it and a Beanie Baby bear. He went to his first restaurant, Outback Steakhouse, for my birthday dinner. He had his first cold. I think my favorite of Isaiah’s achievements this month was his very first smile. It was so adorable!

Isaiah celebrated his first Easter. He was too little to really get most of it. He sure was cute in the sweater and bunny hat Nikki made for him, though! He got to meet the Easter Bunny at the town egg hunt and I got a cute picture. Isaiah went to the zoo for this first time, this month. It was kind of chilly, so we only went to the aquarium. He absolutely loved the penguins! He didn’t want to take his eyes off them for even a second. He had his first babysitter (my aunt) while I went to ReRuns to buy him toys and clothes. The most exciting thing I brought home for him was his exersaucer, which he adored. Isaiah learned to roll over and did it five or six times in a row. The next day, though, he pretended he’d never heard such a silly concept!

Isaiah discovered that baths weren’t all bad. He figured out that he could kick his feet and splash when he was laid back in the tub and thought it was wonderful. We went to spend a week with family around Mother’s Day and Isaiah gave me lots of kisses and special memories for my first Mother’s Day. I took him to Build-A-Bear to get him a teddy, Bluebeary. He loves that bear so much!

We got a puppy, much to Isaiah’s delight. They became best buddies almost immediately. Isaiah slept his first ever six hour stretch, but it wasn’t to last. He still wakes several times a night. He got to have his very first rice cereal and absolutely loved it! He was always a talker, but suddenly, became much more vocal about anything and everything. He also started to discover other forms of communication and learned to “type” while I was trying to do things on the computer. Uncle DJ’s birthday was this month, so Isaiah had fun watching him open gifts and admiring the candles on his cake. He even got a tiny taste.

Isaiah enjoyed his first Fourth of July. He loved the smoke bombs that we set off during the afternoon. He would have happily picked them up if I’d let him. He figured out how to hit the keys on the piano to make a sound. My brother blew up Isaiah’s turtle swimming pool and we filled it with some water. He thought it was interesting, but prefers warm baths to cold pool water. My great aunt and uncle and their daughter and grandson came to visit. Isaiah absolutely loved Jacob! It’s too bad he lives halfway across the country. Isaiah got to attend his very first rodeo! He loved that I stand at the fence where he could see the horses up close.

Isaiah learned to crawl and from that moment on, he has been in constant motion. He loves the phone and was always amazed when he heard a familiar voice talking to him through it. August is fair time and Isaiah got to be a part of it all. He found the fair to be pretty amazing. He even got his own H Troop 4-H t-shirt! He loves to be outside and any time he went out, he’d bring something back inside with him. Usually it was a clover flower or a leaf.

Isaiah’s quite the social guy, although, he’s a little shy at first. He was really starting to enjoy “interacting” ith his friend, the mirror baby. He even liked to give the baby kisses! Isaiah got his first tasted of Puffs and was instantly in love. It didn’t take him long to master picking them up and putting them in his mouth. He met the cutest twin girls ever at a community event. He seemed to be especially enthralled by the one with curls. He sure didn’t want to leave! He stole my cup off the end table one day and figured out how to drink from the straw. He really loves straws, now.

Isaiah finally got his first tooth at nine months old. I didn’t even know he was teething until he bit me with the tooth! Isaiah really loves nature, so we took him to a couple nature centers in the area. He was in heaven! I think he would happily stay at one of them for days without getting bored. He was starting to really walk around on his own. Mostly, he wanted to be holding my hand, but I wasn’t actually supporting him any. For his first Halloween, Isaiah was the cutest little monkey I’ve ever seen. He even went trick-or-treating at a couple places. He tasted his first candy–a caramel apple sucker.

Isaiah loves to “help” with daily chores like laundry. I decided that the easiest way to please him and get things folded was to give him his own “laundry” to work on and filled a basket with his blankets. My dad got an iPad through a research program and downloaded a few kid-friendly apps for Isaiah. He loves being able to touch the screen and have it make sounds or pop up a picture! Isaiah got hit with his first ear infection. Not fun. I had run out of disposable diapers that I’d been given, so rather than start buying them constantly, I decided to buy cloth diapers. I was so excited when they finally came! They were so cute on Isaiah. He seems to like them better, too, and they cleared up his rash. Isaiah got to play in the Burger King play place for the first time with my cousins and had tons of fun. He loved crawling through the tunnels chasing after them!

I got a baby wrap and started using it to wear Isaiah sometimes. He really liked it because it meant he could be “held” more when I needed to be doing something. He likes the wrap so much, that sometimes when he felt me taking it off, he’d whimper and try to pull it back into place. One night, while Isaiah was asleep in his crib, I realized that my cat, Thomas, was nowhere to been seen. I searched the house, finally finding him curled up next to Isaiah in his crib. I managed to sneak a camera in and get a picture before quietly removing Thomas. Isaiah loved everything about his first Christmas! He helped me set up our tree by collecting the branches off the floor and bringing them to me. He thought the lights were just incredible, especially when they started to play music. (When I was little, my Grandfather bought those lights saying that every kid should have singing Christmas lights. I totally agree!) He really liked our Douglas Fir, too, and danced when it sang. I took him to the mall to meet Santa and get his picture taken. At first, he was a little nervous about it, but he decided that Santa was pretty cool and I got some really adorable pictures out of it! Christmas day was so much fun for everyone. Isaiah was so excited! I’d left his puppy unwrapped under the tree with just a bow on its head. He made a beeline for it and carried it around, showing it to all of us. He had a blast opening and playing with every single gift. Needless to say, we were opening presents all day!

Isaiah brought in the new year with some excitement… He TPed the bathroom! I thought he was with my dad while I did dishes, but next thing I knew, he’d dragged toilet paper all the way from the bathroom to the kitchen–still attached to the roll. My cousins stayed at my house for a while and Isaiah thought it was the best thing that had ever happened. He loved following them around the house and playing with them. He had a major language explosion and in just a couple weeks went from just saying “Mama” and “Dusty” to using around twenty words and a few signs. Needless to say, he’s rarely quiet unless he’s sleeping. Sometimes, he even talks in his sleep!

Isaiah enjoying his birthday cake

So, here we are. One full year of adventures. What I’ve written here barely scratches the surface of Isaiah’s adventures and new skills. There are so many more things I could write about. Like him getting to ride Andy, a cute little Shetland pony. I have somewhere around 10,000 pictures of the last year and as many memories to go with them. As his next year of life begins, I know I’ll be in for quite the adventure! He’s continuing to learn and grow. If there’s something to get into, you can be sure to find Isaiah right in the middle of it. I can’t wait to see what this year will bring!


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