Who’s Eating Isaiah’s Supper?

To a casual observer, it looks like Isaiah eats a lot! Sometimes, he goes through as much in a meal as I do. If you stop and watch him eat, though, you’ll find that nowhere near that much food actually makes its way to his stomach.

Throughout the meal, Isaiah will suddenly burst out in shrieking laughter for apparently no reason. Usually, he’s leaning over the side of his highchair and pointing to an animal while he laughs. The animals are no dummies. They figured out as soon as Isaiah started on solids that he drops food all the time. The dogs swarm around the bottom of his highchair like hungry sharks. Thomas is a little more casual about it, sitting on the nearest surface that puts him in optimum position to steal food straight off the tray. This seems to be because he knows as a cat, he has no chance at beating the dogs to the scraps falling to the floor.

Max, the corgi, has gotten pretty skilled at filling his tummy with Isaiah’s food. He’ll beg. He jumps to dropped crumbs so fast that half the time, he catches them before they hit the ground. In the last week or so, he’s decided to take a more direct route: take the food straight from Isaiah’s hand. This guarantees that Dusty, being smaller, won’t manage to take any of the scraps. Isaiah loves this! In fact, he encourages Max to take it from his hands. This is what evokes the most laughter from the giddy baby.

Max sneaking a taste

Thomas, not to be left out, has started getting more creative, too. If Max can take food straight from Isaiah, why can’t he? If I feed Isaiah in front of the couch, Thomas will sit on the arm of the couch, where he can easily reach Isaiah’s tray. Isaiah, of course, is thrilled to share because Thomas’s tongue feels funny!

Thomas enjoying a tidbit

I quite enjoy the antics of the animals and Isaiah at meal times. It keeps my life more interesting, as does everything with animals or a baby. Sometimes, I find it to be a bit gross. Isaiah thinks its funny to literally share his food. “Here, Max, you take a bite, then I’ll take one.” EEW! Oh, well… From what I’ve been told, it can’t actually hurt him, but it’s definitely yucky.

Some days, it feels a little like I live in a zoo, but that’s okay with me. There is never a dull moment in this house! If Isaiah’s not doing something to laugh at, the dogs or cats are.


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