Playing Doctor?

Isaiah’s been sick this week so taking his temperature has become a pretty common activity. He likes to steal the thermometer and try to hide it somewhere. Most of the time, I manage to chase him down before it disappears completely. There have been a few times that it was lost for quite a while, though.

Today, Isaiah managed to get into my closet and collect one of my Build-A-Bears. He carefully carried her to the living room to show me.

Look! I found Faith!

A few seconds later, I realized he had the thermometer, too. I figured he meant for it to get “lost” in my closet and forgot when he found Faith.

Hold still, Faith!

He brought Faith and the thermometer to where I was sitting taking his picture. He loves to share all his toys and activities with me, so nothing new there.

This won't hurt... (or so they tell me)

What amazed me was what he did next. He pulled Faith’s sleeve back and stuck the thermometer in her armpit! That’s exactly what I’ve been doing to him. He did it several times over the next little while. It never occurred to me that he would duplicate taking someone’s temperature.

Almost done!

Smart kid!


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