Dog Food Bag=Toy

Ok, that’s probably one of the weirdest statements you’ve ever read, but it’s true! We bought a new bag of dog food yesterday and my mom emptied it into a box to keep it fresh. The dogs, of course, were thrilled to have fresh food. They act a bit goofy when they get a new bag because it tastes so much better.

Once the bag was empty, Isaiah was quick to grab it. He loved the wonderful crinkling noises it made when he hit it on the ground. He’d hit it a few times, then look up at me and grin and laugh! At one point, he figured out that he could open it and reach down inside. He was amazed that the inside was a shiny silver. He even threw a few toys inside to carry them around with him.

I have a dog food bag and it's AWESOME!

Poor Max just couldn’t stand that Isaiah was dragging his dog food bag around the house. He kept following Isaiah and trying to steal it back! He never quite did, though. Isaiah always managed to scoop it up just before Max could grab onto it.


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