Some Videos from this Week!

Play Dough

Isaiah really enjoys his play dough. A couple days ago, while he was playing with it, I took some video. He’s starting to really get the hang of what he can do with the play dough. He really thought it should be in his lap, though. What a mess that would be! The dogs are sure that the play dough must be food because Isaiah plays with it in his highchair. They circle the chair like hungry sharks any time he’s in it, hoping for a treat. If they ever manage to catch some play dough, they’ll probably regret it.

Practicing Piano

Isaiah is turning out to be quite the music lover. He loves to play all his musical instruments, but especially loves the piano. He’s figured out how to open the cover over the keyboard so that he can play. We’ve started leaving it open most of the time, though, because it’s easier and he can’t get his fingers squished.

Today while he was playing, I taped for a short time. Of course, as soon as the camera came out, he was ready to move to the next activity. Before I got the camera, he was playing with both hands and covering the entire keyboard. He even sang with it a few times!


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