I Love My Mama!

Although many people seem to spend their lives trying not to be like their parents, I think in many ways it’s good to be like mine. My mom has been a wonderful example and tons of help to me in my process of becoming a good mama. I’ve made a few different choices than my mom did, but she’s still completely supportive of me and happy to help me do what I feel is best for Isaiah.

When I was learning about breastfeeding Isaiah, there were some moments when I just wanted to give up. My mom was so encouraging and helpful! She reminded me over and over again how badly I wanted this to work. When things continued to get more frustrating, she helped me experiment with new positions to try to make it less painful. She rejoiced with me when Isaiah finally got it and was able to nurse easily.

Any time that I want to go somewhere and can’t bring Isaiah, my mom is happy to take him for a while. She’s made it possible for me to work part time at a daycare in town. I wouldn’t be able to work as a substitute if I had to find a babysitter because I don’t know I’m going in until half an hour before. I couldn’t afford a babysitter, either! Having her watch Isaiah made it so I could go horseback riding with some friends last summer, too, which is something I’ve greatly missed in the last few years.

When he was new, Isaiah wasn’t sleeping more than half an hour at a time, day or night. After a few days and nights of that, I couldn’t function anymore, so my mom stayed up half the night holding him so that I could get some rest. There aren’t many people who would do that. She already did her “time” staying up nights with my brother and me. She didn’t have to do it with Isaiah, but she did because she loves me.

Every time I turn around, my mom’s there for me. If I need advice, help or just some encouragement, she’s there. I tend to take that for granted too often. Being a single mama is hard and I’m not sure I could have gotten this far without her.

Just for fun, an old picture of me and my mom


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