Dancing with Isaiah

Probably the best advice I’ve ever received since finding out I was going to be a mama was this, “cherish every moment with him because the time goes so fast.” This statement is so true! I do my best to always remember to cherish the time I have. Some days, I just want a break because he’s so fussy, but then there’s a moment that I never want to forget.

Dancing is one of our special moments. From the time he was a tiny newborn, Isaiah has loved to dance with his Mama. I put on my current favorite CD, hold Isaiah close and dance until he falls asleep. Sometimes we dance for a very long time before he completely relaxes and goes to sleep, other times, it only takes one song.

When Isaiah was a few weeks old, he had horrible colic. One of the few things that could quiet the screams was to dance. Now, I’m not much of a dancer. I have a pattern of just a few steps that I repeat over and over because the movement is soothing to him. Soon, he would forget that his tummy was hurting and relax in my arms.

Now, at almost a year old, Isaiah still loves to dance with me. Sometimes, he stands in front of me and holds my hands while we dance together. Others, we dance the same way we did when he was new. He’s gotten pretty heavy, which limits how long I can dance with him. I’ve found that if I put him in his wrap, it’s easier to dance with him as long as he wants because my arms don’t get tired.

Me dancing with Isaiah this afternoon

We danced two different times today. Isaiah and I had the house to ourselves all day long and he didn’t want to take his nap because he was afraid he’d miss people coming home. After trying, with no results, to put him to sleep in my lap, I got out his wrap. He started grinning and reaching for me as soon as he saw me putting it on. He was so excited to see it! I got him situated in his wrap and turned on some Matthew West (link to matthewwest.com) music. We danced for close to an hour while he rested, but never totally went to sleep. Later in the evening, Isaiah was so tired, but still wouldn’t sleep. I put him back in his wrap, but didn’t turn on a CD. I sang two children’s Bible songs to him and by the time I was done, he was unconscious. He’s still sleeping in his wrap now, but, obviously, we’ve stopped dancing for the time being.

I hope that Isaiah will continue to dance with me for many years, but I still want to cherish these moments. He’s my little baby now. That won’t last forever. I will never forget our times that we danced together and he slept in my arms.


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