Grandparents are AWESOME!

Isaiah loves his grandparents more than anything else in the world! There are definitely days that I don’t know what I’d do without them. They both help so much with entertaining him and are wonderful about babysitting if I need or want to get out for a little while on my own.

Time with “Ra-Ra-Ra” (Grandfather)

My dad works full time as a “computer guy/graphic artist/photographer/whatever else the grant calls for” at a grant run organization in town. He’s also a pastor at a local church. Since he’s gone for work a lot, Isaiah gets really excited when he comes home for lunch each day and after work. Nap time always has to wait until my dad has left for work after lunch because Isaiah can’t stand to miss him.

When Isaiah hears my dad’s key in the door, he jumps up and drops whatever he’s doing to run to the door. We always have to be sure to head him off so the door doesn’t get opened into his face! He watches my dad fix his lunch, then shares some of it with him. Once they’re done sharing my dad’s lunch, they play on the floor for a while before my dad has to take the dogs out and head back to work.

Playing on the computer with his Grandfather

Most evenings, my dad spends some time sprawled on the floor to play with Isaiah. Sometimes, my dad brings something out for them to play with, other times they just play with whatever toys Isaiah has spread across the room already. Play times with my dad tend to be pretty interesting. Toys “do” things they wouldn’t normally. Like a stuffed Scooby-Doo “riding” a rocking horse. This completely puzzles Isaiah and makes for a lot of fun, imaginative play.

Time with “Um” (Gram)

Isaiah spends a lot of time with my mom. Since she’s a stay at home mom, he gets to be with her any time he wants. His favorite way to take a nap is curled up in my mom’s lap. From the time he was new, he’s loved getting to cuddle with her.

My mom enjoys doing activities with Isaiah that she calls “school.” That can be anything from coloring, to playing with a stack of flash cards (that he just pushes around and admires) or even watching her cook. He thinks everything she does is incredible!

"Helping" his Gram vacuum

Isaiah loves to just watch my mom and laugh for absolutely no reason at all. It thrills him to no end that she just laughs right back. He loves it when she mimics his baby sounds or carries on a full, adult conversation with him.

My mom loves to sing, make up songs and dance. Any time she does, Isaiah goes racing over to her to dance to her singing or be scooped up to dance with her. Most times, he’ll sing right along with her. When she’s done, he’ll clap and chatter at her.

My mom is usually Isaiah’s babysitter if I go somewhere without him. When I leave, he screams and cries, but apparently, the second the door closes, he’s all smiles again because he loves time with his Gram. Such a silly boy! When I get home, he always wants to “tell” me all about his adventures with her while I’ve been gone. They have so much fun together; reading books, playing baby games and anything else she can think of to do with him.

Isaiah just loves his grandparents so much!


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