I Love Being a Mama!

There are days when being a mama can be just plain hard, but Isaiah never ceases to give me reminders of just how much I love being his mama! As I sit here on my bed typing this, Isaiah has already gone to sleep for the night next to me. A few minutes ago, he started to laugh out loud without waking up! It was so adorable! I guess he’s having a happy dream.

Isaiah has been saying “Mama” for a while, but it still melts my heart every time I hear him say it. I love knowing that he wants me. He’ll wander through the house calling me! It makes me feel so loved. When he comes to me, he grabs my legs and bounces while saying “Mama, Mama!” until I pick him up. Once he’s up, I get tons of hugs and kisses!

There’s nothing quite like a baby’s excitement for the world to make a person enjoy it a little more. When Isaiah first saw snow, he couldn’t believe his little eyes! He stood on the couch staring out the window for a long time, pointing and yelling. He tried to say “snow” with a little prompting, but unsuccessfully. He still thinks the snow is pretty incredible, even though it’s been on the ground long enough that the rest of us just wish it would go away already.

Isaiah has reached the stage of constant chatter. Although he has a pretty limited vocabulary, he’ll sit for extremely long periods just talking to himself or one of the animals. Today when we first got up, I sat on the couch and listened to him “read” several books to his stuffed lamb. When that got boring, he picked up the lamb and proceeded to follow Dusty around the house, telling him about the wonderful stories they’d discovered in the books!

Of course, breastfeeding has giving me plenty of times to just enjoy. Isaiah lies contentedly in my arms while he nurses. Every once in a while he’ll stop to tell me something or just to smile and laugh. He likes to stroke my face and just look into my eyes. I love his sweet expressions!

I think one of the moments that makes me most happy to be Isaiah’s mama is first thing in the mornings. He’s fairly slow to wake up, with lots of stretching and cute noises before he ever even opens his eyes. When he does finally open his eyes, he looks at me with a huge grin on his face. He reaches out for a hug, then chatters to me for a few minutes. Most mornings, we spend about half an hour cuddling and playing on my bed before getting up. I’m so glad that I don’t have to rush out of bed in the mornings and can enjoy our special time.


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