Fiddler on the Roof

My mom dug out the tape of Fiddler on the Roof this afternoon. I had never actually gotten to see the whole thing, but am very familiar with the soundtrack. I didn’t expect Isaiah to pay much attention to it, but he really enjoyed it. He kept running up to the screen and dancing to it! He even spent a while on my lap just watching. He seemed to really like Tevye’s voice.

Watching Fiddler on the Roof

Certain songs really caught Isaiah’s attention. He really liked “To Life” a lot and danced through most of it. I don’t blame him. It’s one of the best songs in the movie!

Dancing during the movie

Isaiah’s being introduced to some of the classics early! I wonder what he can watch next…? He seems to really enjoy musicals, but that’s probably mostly because he loves music in general.


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