Virtuoso to Be?

Isaiah loves all musical instruments, but seems to especially love playing the piano. He’s figured out how to open the cover and play it from the floor. If I actually put him up on the bench to play, he gets so excited!

Isaiah loves playing the piano

The thing that amazes me the most about Isaiah’s playing is that he doesn’t just pound on the keys with flat hands. He holds his hands in the correct position and plays with one finger at a time! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a kid that young play like that. I mean, my brother and I just pounded the keys with all our might until we were five or six.

Isaiah's hands on the keys

I really love playing and listening to piano. I’m glad that Isaiah is showing so much interest in it so young. I hope his love for it continues. I may have to start basic piano lessons with him much earlier than I started learning. This could be quite the adventure!


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