Memories: Nap Time

I have a lot of really clear childhood memories. Times playing with my little brother, cuddling with one of my parents, spending time with friends. So many of them were such special times to me! I’d like to share a few of them here. I plan to break them into several posts over time. I hope that one day, Isaiah will have equally wonderful memories to share.

My family never co-slept. It probably helped that I was sleeping through the night at three months old! However, my mom often took naps at the same time as my brother and I when we were little. She decided that it would be easier to have us all sleep on her bed during a nap than trying to get us all in our own beds. She likes to tell stories of how when she first started doing that, she’d fall asleep, but I wouldn’t and she’d wake up to me on the floor by her bed “reading” and talking to myself! I will never forget our special cuddles at nap time, though. My mom would lie on her side with me in front of her and put her arms around me. Sometimes, my brother would lie right in front of me with my arms around him, but not always. I felt so secure, curled up there with my mom. I knew that no matter what, I was safe because she was there and she loved me.


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