A Very Busy Day!

Isaiah has had a very busy day! He woke up earlier than usual and rode along when my mom drove DJ to work. When they got home, he played with all his toys until lunch time. He settled in with one of his peek-a-boo books for a while. He absolutely loves his peek-a-boo books! He gets excited about all the pictures hidden by the flaps.

Reading the peek-a-boo book

After lunch and a short nap, he came to my room where I was working on sorting pictures. Within a few minutes, he discovered my hoodies hanging on my closet door. He quickly liberated the hangers, dumping my hoodies on the floor. I put the hoodies on the bed and followed him out of my room. He pounded the hangers together and on everything in sight like they were fancy drum sticks.

These make cool sounds!

Next on the agenda was playing with blocks. I pulled out some of his wooden blocks and his face lit up. He carefully removed one block at a time from the box and put them around him on the floor. Once they were all out, it was time to put them back. First, he carefully set them in the box, then he discovered that he could throw them in the box. He missed about half the time, but he still had a blast! A couple times, he stopped to bang the blocks together. They made such a satisfying sound!

Banging blocks together

My mom was working on scrapbooking and Isaiah desperately wanted to help, so I put him in his highchair with crayons. He was so excited to have all the colors! He tasted them and had a wonderful time making marks on the paper.

Loving all the colors!

He suddenly seems to understand the connection between the crayons and the marks. He’d draw with on crayon for a while, then pick up a new one to see what its marks would look like. He was quite proud of the final product!

Look! It's so pretty!!!

When the crayons ceased to be exciting, Isaiah moved on to play dough. I made some from a recipe that my mom used when I was little with all edible ingredients. It doesn’t taste very good (I would know!), but it won’t hurt him if he eats it.

Isaiah's hand print in the play dough

Isaiah thought the texture was pretty fascinating. He squished his fingers in it, pulled it and tasted a little. He really loved pulling it apart. When some got stuck to his fingers, he’d spread them out to show it to me!

Playing with the play dough

Isaiah finished off the night by emptying the cupboard filled with pots and pans. He loved the awful crashing sounds they made when he dropped them on the floor! I helped him clean it up just in time for DJ to get home and play with him.

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