Sounds of Music

Isaiah loves music. All music. He loves to dance. He loves it when someone sings. He loves to make his own music. For Christmas, he got a Melissa & Doug wooden music set. Some instruments were a bit advanced for him and have been put away until he’s ready. The rest are in a box on my bedroom floor where he has free access to them. Between them and our piano, his life is full of “music.”

Today has been an especially musical day at our house. Isaiah spent a lot of time dancing to anything and everything. At one point, he had two toys playing music at the same time! Since he was in such a noise-making mood, I collected all his instruments and placed them around him. He headed straight for his xylophone because what could possibly be better than something you can hit with a stick? Especially something that makes so many different sounds when you hit it! He hit it with his stick; he hit it with all the other instruments; he hit it with his binky; he hit it with his hands. Life was good! Then, he collected the stick and headed off to see what else he could use it on. He hit the living room floor (with carpet), the wall, the kitchen floor (with linoleum), his teddy bear, the dog (this lasted about one second!), everything in sight. Every new sound brought a grin and laughter.

I love that Isaiah enjoys music so much. It’s such a huge part of my world between playing piano and violin and sometimes being in choirs. I hope his love of music continues as he gets older. I wonder how old he needs to be before he can actually learn some basic piano…? Not yet, but soon.


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