Isaiah’s been out in the snow a couple times now, but isn’t ever quite sure what to think. Over the last couple of days, we’ve gotten our biggest snow of the season (so far, anyway) so none of us could resist some snow time. I bundled Isaiah in his snowsuit, which is quite the task with a wiggling baby and we headed out.

My dad has a really old sled with a rope on it that he got out. He used to try to get our dog, Max, to ride it. That was a no-go! Max thought he’d lost his mind. Isaiah, on the other hand, seemed to like it pretty well. I sat down on it with him and my dad pulled it across the yard. Isaiah was pretty pleased with the sled, so I got off and just held onto him so he couldn’t fall while my dad continued pulling the sled around. Isaiah smiled a few times, but never long enough for my mom to get a good picture. I think he was a little uncertain, but still enjoyed it quite a bit.

Standing in the snow next to the sled

Isaiah needed to go in after a short time because, although it was “warm” for winter, it was still pretty cold. After we came in, the dogs got their turns in the snow. Max, being a corgi, is well equipped for cold and absolutely loves the snow! He could run and dig and roll in it all day. The snow was so deep that he had to jump rather than run through it, but it didn’t slow him down in the least. He had fun burrowing in it, too!

Max loving the snow!

Little Dusty has a little more trouble with the snow. He’s a shih tzu/mystery dog. His coat has to be kept trimmed so he doesn’t have much protection from the cold. (I think I’m gonna buy him a sweater!) He still seemed to enjoy bounding through the snow with my brother for a short time.

Dusty's ears flying over the snow...

Overall, it was a fun afternoon and a nice break from being cooped up in the house due to the storm. It’s supposed to keep snowing for a while, so there will likely be more opportunities for playing in it. Maybe while Isaiah takes a nap, I can build a snowman…

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