Fun with Toilet Paper (Round 2!)

So, apparently, Isaiah has a major fascination with toilet paper! My mom did a little shopping before picking DJ up from work and one of the things she brought back was a twelve pack of toilet paper. It’s probably the least exciting thing on her list to the rest of us, but Isaiah was thrilled!

She left it on the floor (to be carried downstairs on her next trip) and Isaiah made a beeline for it. Within a few minutes, he’d managed to tear a hole in the plastic and was trying to figure out how to remove the rolls. The next thing I knew, he was handing me a roll! I was pretty surprised he’d managed to get it out and even more surprised that he brought it to me instead of chewing on it.

Taking the toilet paper out of the package

Isaiah continued to carefully remove one roll of toilet paper at a time from the package and bring it to me. After a couple times, he decided to play around a bit. He’d come almost close enough for me to take it, then whip around and run away, laughing the whole time. He thought it was so funny! He kept going until he’d emptied the entire package and brought them to me. He did take a few breaks to play with a few of the rolls, though. He really wanted to TP the living room!

Look, Mommy! I brought you a present!

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