Language Explosion!

In the last week, Isaiah has decided to really start talking. Some of his “words” are more just random sounds that he has assigned a meaning to. Others are definite attempts at real words. “Mama” made its first appearance in our world a few months ago, but it wasn’t very consistent. Suddenly, I’m hearing it multiple times every day! It makes me so happy to hear him calling me!

Isaiah has figured out names and has been calling my parents “Um” for “Gram” and “Rah-rah-rah” for Grandfather. My brother, DJ, has become “Dah” and he’s calling my cousins “A-rah” and “EEEEE-um.” If he calls someone and they don’t respond, he follows them around yelling their “name” and “DUH” over and over. Apparently, “duh” means look at me.” I think it’s funny how he’s made up names for everyone. He even knows the dogs’ names! They’re currently “Max” and “Duh-TEE.”

The funniest word in Isaiah’s vocabulary has to be “giggle.” Somehow, he decided that it means “cool.” It probably started because when he’d start to giggle at something, my mom and I would say “oh, giggle, giggle!” Now, any time Isaiah likes something, he starts saying “giggle” and pointing at it. For now, I’m letting him use it as much as he wants. I haven’t decided when I’ll try to teach him “cool” instead…

Isaiah also knows “yeah,” “no,” “hi” and “bye-bye.” I’m trying to get him to learn “milk” or some variation of it so he can ask to nurse instead of squealing. At the moment, he has a total of twelve words. He keeps adding new ones all the time!


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