Fun with Toilet Paper (Round 1)

While I was making supper, Isaiah decided to have some fun. I thought he was watching a video with my dad, but apparently, he got bored and moved on. I was minding my own business in the kitchen when suddenly Isaiah appeared… with toilet paper in tow (and still attached to the roll)! He was quite pleased with himself.

Rather than getting upset with him for making a mess, I grabbed him in one hand and my camera in the other and returned him to the scene of his crime. There was toilet paper everywhere! He just kept grinning at me and trying to pull more down. He even tried to “clean” the floor by rubbing it around.

TPing the entire bathroom!

While this was a fun little surprise this time, I’m not planning to let it happen again! Isaiah found it so thrilling that any time he passes the bathroom, he has to race in to try again. I’m going to have to watch him pretty closely for a while!


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