2010: My Year In Review

Wow! I can’t believe that it’s over! It seems like it just started. Now, it’s time to welcome in 2011!

January: My year started off very uneventful. I was nine months pregnant and going insane between that and the fact that there was so much snow on the ground that I couldn’t leave the house, much less do anything fun. With the nasty blizzards hitting one after another and a baby due “any day” my mom and I spent more than a week’s time in a little hotel a block from the hospital. Of course, a lot of good that would do with my doctor living out in the country! Isaiah decided to make his arrival exactly on his due date, at the end of the month. I was very ready for him to come! My grandmother, aunt, uncle and cousins came from two hours away to meet him. I was so happy because my mom and aunt got to be there for the delivery.


February: Home from the hospital! I spent the month figuring out exactly what it means to be a mom and healing from some nasty tears. I loved getting to know Isaiah and cuddling him, but there were definitely some challenges, too. The biggest challenge we faced was nursing. It always looked so easy when I saw my aunt doing it with my cousins. Not so much the case. Isaiah couldn’t figure out anything but clamping down hard and I was sore. For Valentine’s Day, Isaiah got his very first stuffed animal, a giraffe. He’s preferred stuffed things ever since.


March: Happy birthday to me! My first birthday as someone’s Mama. How awesome is that? Isaiah gave me a bib that said “I love Mommy” on it. Isaiah and I had finally mostly figured out nursing, so life was much happier. Isaiah was growing so fast! He was already holding his head up and trying to sit. My favorite “present” from Isaiah was his first smile.


April: Easter! I love Easter, so it was a ton of fun to celebrate with Isaiah. A friend gave him a hat with bunny ears and a matching sweater that she made that was so cute! Isaiah learned to grab his toys, so that added a new adventure to our lives. If an animal got too close, they were going to get their ears and/or whiskers pulled! Since the weather was finally starting to warm up, I was getting to spend more time outside. Walks became a more regular occurrence, with Isaiah in his stroller and the dog walking along with us.


May: Happy Mother’s Day. My family spent a lot of time at my grandmother’s house a couple hours away in May. It was so much fun to be able to see my extended family! My first Mother’s Day was wonderful with lots of kisses from Isaiah and fun with all the moms in my family. Isaiah got dedicated at church at the end of the month. My uncles, aunt, cousins and grandmother all came to be there.


June: A missions team came for a week to do VBS and some community service work in town. They come every summer, but they always came while I was at camp. I was really excited to be around this time and got to help out with VBS. June is a month for birthdays in my family. My brother and four of my cousins all have birthdays in a four week period. It’s a bit crazy at times, but also tons of fun!


July: Isaiah celebrated his very first Independence Day. He thought the smoke bombs and parachutes were pretty awesome, but wasn’t too sure about the bigger stuff. My brother had a blast setting stuff off while I took pictures and Isaiah slept inside once it got dark. Since the weather was so nice, I started spending more time out with a friend’s horses. I loved going out to take pictures and help gentle the baby just by playing with her.


August: Time for the fair. I spent the month helping 4-H’ers get their projects ready for the fair, then at the fair. I worked a shift in the 4-H food stand one of the days. Fair went pretty well and the kids in my club did really well on their entries. Our club ordered shirts that got here just in time for fair. There was even one for Isaiah! I got to go horseback riding with some friends at a “play days.” Buckie, the horse I was riding, didn’t wanna do any of the events, but we had fun anyway.


September: My mom’s birthday! We had fun doing my mom’s birthday with Isaiah’s help. I had an especially boring day and dragged my dad out for a photo shoot around town. I had a blast posing for my dad and just getting to hang out with him for a while. I got a job at the local daycare as a substitute and have gotten to work with the babies a bunch of times. The kids are all so cute and fun!


October: Halloween and costumes! Isaiah got a new carseat because he’d passed the weight limit on his infant seat. He was thrilled because the new seat is so much bigger. He also discovered the existence of crayons this month. He wasn’t sure quite what they were for, though… My new cloth diapers came and Isaiah started wearing them. I got a monkey costume for Isaiah to wear and took him trick-or-treating at the apartments by the school because my friend was handing out candy and wanted to see him. He thought it was wonderful! He got to taste his very first candy.


November: I set up a beautiful Christmas backdrop and did portraits of Isaiah and some friends. It was a lot of fun and I got some beautiful pictures! Isaiah loved all the props because they were fun to play with. I finally got around to carving the pumpkin that I bought. I made a cute kitty face and Isaiah loved it. We met my aunt, uncle and two of my cousins at Burger King to hang out for a while and pick up my mom’s van that had been fixed. Isaiah had a blast playing with my cousins in the play place!


December: Merry Christmas! It snowed off and on all month. After the first snow, I took Isaiah out to play in it for a while. He wasn’t sure what to think. My friend’s dog had puppies, so I’ve gone over to play with them several times. They’re just so cute! Isaiah’s first Christmas was so much fun! Two of my cousins stayed at my house for a few days. It was so much fun and Isaiah had a blast. He loved chasing them around the house and playing with them.

Texting and Driving?!

So, goodbye, 2010. You were a good year! I have so many wonderful memories and thousands of pictures and videos. I won’t soon forget this year. It was just too good to forget.

Bring on 2011!! It can only get better, right?


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