Play Dough & Cousins & Stuff…

Two of my cousins are staying with me for a while, so yesterday, in a search for something fun to do, Sandra and I decided to make play dough for Isaiah to play with. It’s a pretty simple recipe; basically, salt, flour, hot water and kool-aid. The kool-aid that we had on hand was a blue mix so our final product was bright blue. The last step in the instructions is to knead the play dough until the color is evenly mixed. This quickly turned into playing with the play dough! Isaiah was soundly sleeping, so he doesn’t mind.

Today we got out the play dough for Isaiah, Luke and Sandra to use. I taught Sandra to make beautiful roses, while Luke made a cat. When Isaiah joined us, he wasn’t sure what to think! Sandra showed him how to squish it under his hands while I recorded it. He thought it was pretty awesome, although, after tasting it, determined that it was best not to eat it. The play dough is technically edible, but it tastes awful! When I was Isaiah’s age, I tasted it, too. My mom even has a video of it somewhere.


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