Merry Christmas!!

Christmas is nearing an end. Well, the day, anyway. We’ve had a wonderful day, filled with excitement! Isaiah’s little face lit up at the sight of his stocking with a monkey peeking out of the top. The second he was in his highchair with the stocking sitting on the tray, he grabbed the monkey for a big hug. A few seconds later, he had both hands buried halfway into the stocking, looking for treasure. Of course, he found plenty!

Once everyone’s stockings were empty, we moved on to the other presents, piled around the tree. The second his feet hit the ground, Isaiah shot forward and grabbed a stuffed puppy that was sitting in front of the other presents. He knew that was for him since it wasn’t wrapped. He was so thrilled to find a stuffed toy and got even more excited when he squeezed it and it started talking to him! He carried it around to show it to everyone and pushed a bunch of the buttons on it to get different sounds. He would have been happy if that had been all he got for Christmas.

I Found a Puppy!!

Soon enough, Isaiah was ready to look at all the other gifts under the tree. It took several hours to get them all opened because he stopped to play with each toy after it was opened. He had to “read” every book, hug every stuffed thing, try every other toy and taste everything. And don’t forget the wrapping paper! It was so colorful and pretty! And it tasted so good!

At one point, Isaiah decided he needed to nurse because he’d been going non-stop for a couple hours. He didn’t want to put down what he was unwrapping at that moment and, since it was fairly small, I let him keep holding it. The next thing I knew, he was holding the toy up in the air, carefully working on the wrapping paper. He completely unwrapped the entire package while he was nursing! It was so adorable!

The entire morning and early afternoon were spent with presents. Once the presents were done, Isaiah played wildly with them while my mom get stuff ready for our Christmas supper. My dad had a blast playing with Isaiah in the car that DJ got for him. He pushed him all over the house while Isaiah “texted” with his new toy phone and cuddled his stuffed monkey. I think he may have enjoyed it a little too much.

Texting While Driving?!

Supper was wonderful! The food was yummy and Isaiah had a blast eating it. There was nothing on the table that he couldn’t eat. I gave him the finger foods to feed himself and put the messier foods, like candied sweet potatoes, into a separate plate to feed to him. He technically can use the spoon, but I’d rather avoid the mess for today.


After supper, it was into the toys again. Isaiah carried his new rhythm sticks around the house using them as drumsticks on anything and everything he could reach. He tried the table legs and found that it made a wonderfully satisfying sound. Soon, he decided to try drumming on Dusty, the puppy. Not such a good idea! I had to rush in and save the poor dog. Dusty, being the little angel he (usually) is, just sat there and looked concerned.

Isaiah finally decided it was time to crash about an hour ago. He had a very busy, very fun day. This might have been my best Christmas ever, just because of Isaiah’s excitement! To top it all off, it snowed off and on all week so I got my “white Christmas.” I’m glad this Christmas was so fun for Isaiah and the rest of my family!


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