Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is almost over. Isaiah has had an exciting day! He spent most of the day “helping” me wrap gifts for people. Well… More like unwrapping the gifts! He enjoyed it, though. In fact, he was having so much fun, that he didn’t take his nap until almost supper time. Oops!

This evening, we went out looking for Christmas lights, one of my favorite Christmastime activities. I rode in the back next to Isaiah so I could try to point out the lights as we went by. I was afraid he wouldn’t be able to see much since he’s still rear-facing, but he obviously saw some. Once we were far enough passed the lights for him to see, his face would light up and he’d start saying “giggle, giggle.” (He thinks that means “cool.” Don’t tell him it doesn’t! It’s just too cute!) When we passed some that were on my side of the van, I could see his face. It was priceless! His jaw dropped all the way to his chest, his eyes were absolutely huge and his eyebrows were up at his hairline. He immediately started pointing and talking to them. It was so funny!

Christmas Lights!

When we got home, I got him unbundled and let him nurse. He finished his snack pretty quickly and was ready to be off and playing again. My mom and I managed to get everybody gathered by the tree for a short time so Isaiah could open two presents tonight. He got Mickey Mouse Christmas jammies (so he can wear them tonight and for opening presents) and a FisherPrice nativity set. As soon as the jammies were open, they were tossed aside because, well, clothes are not that exciting. Besides, there was a big box sitting there still waiting to be opened! Who could resist? He tore into the package and was met with a box that he couldn’t figure out. DJ opened the box and started pulling the pieces out. Isaiah was amazed by the whole process. Once all the pieces were out, DJ went in search of batteries so the lights and music in the stable would work while Isaiah examined and tasted all the other pieces.

Isaiah with His Nativity

Soon the nativity was in working order and DJ carefully arranged the pieces perfectly. That lasted about thirty seconds! Isaiah just had to touch and move pieces. He absolutely loves it. I’m going to let him have it out all year ’round because it’s good for him to get familiar with the story and the people. I’m really glad he likes it so much.

Now for a bath, bedtime nursing and off to sleep so Santa can come and I can put out the other gifts without them being opened.


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