A White Christmas?

It looks like this year we’ll be getting a white Christmas! It started snowing  ago. It’s continued to filter down off and on ever since. Isaiah finds it absolutely fascinating. He likes to sit in the window or be held on the front steps and just watch the funny white stuff floating to the ground. DJ offered to let him touch a snowball, but that was just too cold, thank you. Isaiah enjoyed watching DJ play with the snow, throwing it, making designs in it; he just preferred that DJ played with it alone while he observed.

A few days ago, after the first true snow of the season, I did convince Isaiah to play in it a little. He walked around in the snow for a few minutes and I helped him make his first snow angel. Then he decided that it was way too cold out and he didn’t like wearing a snowsuit, so we came back inside. He actually did better than I expected since the snowsuit was so bulky and the snow was totally new.

What IS this stuff?!

Last night, I went out to take some pictures of Main Street with all the decorations and the beautiful snow falling. It was late enough that, had it not been for street lights, it would have been completely dark. The decorations along Main Street were all lit and looking wonderful, especially with huge snowflakes swirling around them. My original plan was to stay in my van and take a few pictures out the window, rather than be out in the cold wind, but I wasn’t getting exactly the picture I wanted. I decided to get out and take some pictures as fast as I could. I got some really nice ones! It’s amazing to me how a little snow and a few decorations can totally and completely transform a town.

Main St., Transformed


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