Why I Love Co-Sleeping

I’ve been co-sleeping with Isaiah since he was a couple months old. At first, it was just a matter of being easier than having a crying baby in his crib. Over time, I’ve come to absolutely love it, though. Here are just a few of the reasons I love it so much: 1. The closeness of co-sleeping–I love having Isaiah in bed with me because I always know he’s there. I know that he’s safe and warm, so I am able to sleep better. If he’s in his
crib, I lay awake listening to the monitor, worrying about whether I’ll hear when he wakes up. When he’s with me, I know that he has easy access to me and it will take a matter of seconds for him to
wake me up. 2. Easy nursing–When we’re sharing a bed, I don’t have to be fully awake to feed Isaiah. He wakes me up by gently head-butting me, looking for a snack. I wake up enough to make sure
he latches on, then doze back off. Isaiah tends to fall asleep before he’s finished nursing so we both get more rest. 3. Special Moments–I love that when I’m sleeping with Isaiah, I get to enjoy
little moments that I’d miss otherwise. Isaiah giggles in his sleep on a regular basis. I love it when I’m half awake and suddenly hear little giggles coming from him! During Isaiah’s waking moments (when he’s not nursing) we get extra cuddling time and he “talks” quietly to me. First thing in the morning, Isaiah wakes me up by gently touching my face. When I open my eyes, I’m greeted with a huge grin and a kiss or hug (sometimes both!). There have been so many times during our nights together that Isaiah has made me
smile. I wouldn’t give these moments up for anything in the world! Added: Knowing you’re aware of what’s happening. Co-sleeping saved Isaiah’s life this Christmas. Having him in my bed makes me more
aware of what is happening with him, where I could easily miss important cues if he’s in a separate room.


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