Family Night at the Library

I brought Isaiah by the library earlier this afternoon because they were having an open house. Isaiah was having such a total blast that the librarian, Nikki, suggested that I bring him by for Family Night. We headed home, promising to be back later.

When we got to the library, there were already a bunch of kids there. Nikki’s daughter and daughters-in-law were all there with their kids as well as several other members of the community. Kids were going all directions, finding places to sit, getting food and talking to friends. Isaiah immediately found some girls whom he’s met before. He watched them and flirted a little. When Kaelyn came up to him, he grabbed onto my legs and peeked at her, acting really shy. He also found Nikki’s daughter-in-law, Dahlia, and her little baby girl. He met Dahlia for the first time while she was pregnant and absolutely loved her. Today, though, he was feeling a little more shy. He flirted and smiled and even went to her briefly, but then was afraid she was going to take him away from me and started to cry.



Soon, Nikki got everybody sitting down to eat. For Isaiah, eating lasted about five minutes. He gobbled down a few crackers and was ready to be off! He crawled off my lap and started wandering around the room looking for new friends and adventure. Nikki asked the kids a few times if they were about done eating so the puppets could come out. Some of them didn’t want to be done with the chili and treats!

Finally, everyone was done eating and they gathered on the floor around the tiny puppet stage. Isaiah and I settled where he could see, but I wouldn’t block shorter kids’ view. Once the kids were sitting and quiet, a big bear puppet appeared. Isaiah was thrilled! He’d never seen anything quite like it before. The bear talked about how sleepy she was and talked back and forth with Nikki for a while, then listened to Nikki read a story about a bear. Nikki and her
daughter, Charlotte, read a couple more books and led the kids in a couple fun Christmas songs. The last book was about a birthday party for Jesus, so when the book was finished, the kids sang the
“Happy Birthday Song” and Nikki passed out cupcakes.


Good Listener

Charlotte helped pass out books, home-made mittens and small toys to the kids. Isaiah came away with an adorable stuffed Snoopy and a book. Nikki also handed out candy canes to all the kids. Isaiah thought it was wonderful! He carried it around, showing it to everyone. He tried to eat it, but I hadn’t taken the plastic off yet. That didn’t seem to bother him very much, though. He kept right on chewing!


I have a candy


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